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Integrated nutrition approach brings out the concepts of Primary and Secondary food. Secondary food is the actual food on our plate that feeds up but Primary food is the food that fulfills us. It’s our carrer, relationships, spiritual and mindfulness practices. It is the phylosophy of balancing Primary and Secondary foods that achieves balance and health in our lives.

The initiatives like this have become more important than ever before!!!

Health and wellbeing services :

  • Seasonal health talks
  • Liver care/ gut care focus weeks
  • One on one health coaching sessions
  • Newsletters and emais


  • Staff retention
  • Staff satisfaction
  • Less sick days
  • Welbeing of the team

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Alexandra Jakobsen

Alexandra Jakobsen


Alexadra Jakobsen is Carbon and Finch’s health & wellbeing coach.

To enquire about the Health and wellbeing services:

Contact Alexandra Jakobsen at alexandra.jakobsen@carbonandfinch.com

Contact Alexandra Jakobsen via LinkedIn by clicking the icon

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