Microsoft Licensing Services

Simplify your Microsoft licensing with Carbon & Finch. Our expert team provides comprehensive Microsoft Licensing services, ensuring your organization is properly licensed, compliant, and cost-efficient. 

Our Approach: 

We take a customer-centric approach to Microsoft Licensing, tailoring solutions to your unique requirements: 

  • Licensing Procurement: Our team helps you acquire the right licenses at the best pricing, working closely with Microsoft for favourable 1. Consider using more customer-centric language throughout the text to make it more relatable to potential customers. Avoid using technical jargon and instead, focus on how the services offered can benefit the customer’s business. 
  • Provide more specific examples of how the Support Ticket Service and Managed Services can help businesses, such as case studies or testimonials from satisfied clients. This can help potential customers better understand the value of these services. 
  • Include information on pricing and any potential cost savings for customers using the Microsoft Licensing Services. This can help potential customers understand the financial benefits of working with Carbon & Finch 
  • License Optimization: We identify unused or underutilized licenses and provide strategies to optimize your licensing investment. 

Self-Service Portal

Access our user-friendly self-service portal for convenient license management. View license details, make purchases, track usage, and access relevant documentation at your convenience. 

Why Carbon & Finch?

Expertise and Knowledge

Our licensing experts stay up to date with the latest changes and best practices.

Tailored Solutions

We customize licensing options to meet your specific needs, ensuring you get the right licenses for your business. 

Cost Optimisation

We help you optimize your licensing investment, minimizing unnecessary costs.

Compliance and Risk Management

Our services include compliance management to minimize legal and financial risks. 

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Kenneth Chu

Kenneth Chu


Kenneth Chu is Carbon and Finch’s business development manager.

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