Support Ticket Package for Dynamics 365 F&O


A Ticket Based Pricing Model That Provides Businesses With The Flexibility To Choose The Level Of Support They Need For D365 F&O.


Ticket Based Pricing : Only pay for the support tickets your business needs, providing them with a cost – effective solution that meets their specific needs.

Comprehensive Support : Our support team provides expert assistance with a wide range of issues related to Dynamics 365 F&O.

Online Job Ticket Platform: We offer an easy to use online job ticket platform that enables customers to submit and track their support tickets from anywhere, at any time.

Reduce Costs

With our ticket – based pricing model, you only pay for the support tickets you need, helping to reduce costs and better manage your support budget.

Faster Issue Resolution

Our expert support team provides customer with quick and efficient issue resolution, minimizing downtime and ensuring that their D365B F&O system is always up and running. 

Enhanced Customer Experience

Our online job ticket platform provides customers with as easy – use interface for submitting and tracking their support tickets, enabling them to stay informed and engaged through the support process. 


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Kenneth Chu

Kenneth Chu



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